Leaving Punta del Este along the coast you will pass by towns like La Barra, Manantiales and Punta Piedra, until you get to José Ignacio. At the roundabout leading to the lighthouse, turn to Sainz Martinez road, heading towards Route 9. When reaching Route 9, turn right and keep driving 14 kilometers until kilometer 175. Take the road on the left and continue straight to the town of Garzón.

Once arrived there, you will find the Hotel & Restaurante Garzón in front of one of the chamfered corners of the square, built at the large brick house that was the town's General Store at the beginning of the last century, recently restored by Architect Diego Montero.

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The Villa of Garzón

Garzón was founded in 1892 by Mr. Fermín de León.

It was a staging post located near Garzón stream and the Royal Road (Camino Real) that leads to Rocha, where the then Governor Vicente Garzón had a saltery (saladero).

Until 1940, there was a windmill there and around 2000 inhabitants lived in the place.

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